October 6, 2015

This year I visited San Francisco - a great and vibrant city in California, USA. I took loads of photographic equipment with me - which filled most of my flight luggage allowance - heavy and bulky.

I love my camera and the great arsenal of lenses - in my studio, but during my travels - it is a challenge - especially when you carry a body like Nikon d800, tripod and usually 3 lenses.

Although I took loads of photos with my DSLR - I also took loads of photos with the best travel camera in the world - iPhone 6 Plus

For me this is the best travel camera - because this is the only camera that I always have with me.

This phone has a decent camera with great features that can also be extended by some great apps - my favourite photo editing apps on iOS are:

      VSCO Cam
      SmugMug { to backup my photos to my SmugMug account }

The image on the left side is a sky scraper taken in downtown San Francisco on an iPhone 6 Plus and edited on VSCO Cam - on the aeroplane, on my way back to the UK.

I know that the quality of the image is far from DSLR - but they are good enough for web or even print.

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