This is a short tutorial on how to replace the SLIDESHOW button text on your SmugMug site, with a text of your choice – in my case – “FULL SCREEN”.

Log in to your SmugMug account – > click CUSTOMIZE – > CONTENT AND DESIGN – > now select ALL GALLERIES – > from the content section choose CSS content block and drag it anywhere on your site – this will open a small window, where you will be able add custom CSS code which will affect all galleries on your account.

/** First part of the code will hide the current SLIDESHOW label - code from **/ .sm-gallery-slideshow-button .sm-button-label { display: none !important; } /** Second part of the code will generate your label and place it in the correct location **/ .sm-user-ui .sm-gallery-slideshow-button .sm-button:after { content: ' FULL SCREEN'; }

Please be aware that my label FULL SCREEN has one space – this has to be added to even the space in your button.

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