15 November 2014

Waiting for the tram

I recently went to Prague on a work do - a chance to meet up and work with members of my company's European team. Although we worked our regular shifts while in Prague, there were occasions where we went on the tourist trail visiting many famous and some not so famous landmarks in the Czech Republic's capital city. A favourite location in many cities that I have visited on my travels has been the back streets and side alleys. It's that place where modernity and history rub shoulders and play up for your attention. Prague was no different. I love the unusual. It's not only more interesting than the traditional tourist trap, but makes for some interesting photos as well. The city is still littered with cobbled streets and architecture that remind me of a time long ago. The buildings and streets are very different from most of those in modern Britain. Here style and culture seem to have stopped the clock. This is a town that I could not spend enough time in. I will definitely come back.

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Lightbulb Staircase


Prague Castle dominates the skyline of the Czech Republic's capital city. Built in 870, it has served as the seat of power for the Kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperors, Presidents of Czechoslovakia and is today the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic. As the largest ancient castle in the world (over 70,000 square metres), it can be seen from miles away and sits permanently in the view of every Prague resident and visitor. From the ground, the castle's spires seem to reach for the heavens, pulling the nation along with it. From the top of the towers the views over the city and beyond are magical. You can look down on the infamous Wenceslas Square, staring down on the ant sized people below or over the uniformly coloured reddish tiled roofs of the surrounding buildings. All in all Prague Castle is an enchanting experience and brimming with opportunities for a photographer.

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