21 January 2014

Spiral Stairs - Vatican Museum, Rome. This is a very famous place in the Vatican Museum - especially amongst photographers :)

The Spiral staircase is located in the Vatican Museums and was designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932. If you go up this grand spiral ramp you will be moving from the street level up to the floor of the Vatican Museums. The Vatican Museums are among the most important museums in the world. In the Vatican Museums the vast collections collected by the Roman Catholic Church throughout the centuries are displayed. As seen today, the Vatican Museums are comprised of several pontifical galleries and museums that were assembled by several Popes. The display includes the Raphael rooms and the famous painted ceiling of the Sistine Chapel as well as other masterpieces.

Tip: You can take your camera to the Vatican Museum - but there are some areas, where taking photos is not allowed - for example the Sistine Chapel.


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